Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle

Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle tells the story of a water bottle’s journey in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and Atlantic Ocean. Upon reaching a storm drain, the personified water bottle travels the streams and rivers of Washington, D.C., meeting animals along its ride. Each animal—from the water strider to the loggerhead turtle—teaches the water bottle about itself, its origins, its journey, and those of other pollutants in the watershed. Alima is the five-year old water bottle’s heroine; making us all believe we can be one too.

100% of the profit from the sale of the Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle is being equally donated to the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Surfrider Foundation Rise Above Plastics program.

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In partnership with the Anacostia Watershed Society and the Alice Ferguson Foundation, donate books to DC area students  who participate in one of either organization’s watershed programs. Donate books through the Tate bookstore and ship them to either: 

Anacostia Watershed Society, 4302 Baltimore Avenue, Bladensburg, MD 20710
Alice Ferguson Foundation, 2001 Bryan Point Road, Accokeek, MD 20607

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Here is what they are saying about
Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle

“Educating people, especially children, on how marine debris impacts the earth is important to solving the problem. ‘Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle’ takes kids on a ride that will hopefully inspire a ‘no littering attitude’ to last them throughout their lives.”

By Nancy Wallace, Director, NOAA Marine Debris Program

“This book takes us on the journey of one such item, which does indeed end up in the wrong place. The journey takes us into the streams in our backyard – in your backyard – out into the Chesapeake Bay, and even out into the Atlantic Ocean. The book shows us how our actions, like leaving a water bottle on a street, can lead to other actions we don’t intend, like an eagle trying to eat it in the bay or a sick turtle in the ocean.”

By Jana Davis, Ph.D., Executive Director, Chesapeake Bay Trust

“This wonderful book tells the story of trash in the Anacostia River, beginning in our beloved Sligo Creek and traveling through the Chesapeake Bay on its way to join millions of other pieces of trash in the North Atlantic Gyre. The Anacostia Watershed Society was founded in part because the river was so filled with trash; in fact, the Anacostia was only the second river in the US declared impaired by trash under the Clean Water Act. This book will help educate a new generation of children (and parents!) that we can be better stewards of the world around us.”

By Brent Bolin, Former Director of Public Affairs, Anacostia Watershed Society

“This face-paced adventure captures the challenges facing the natural world and shows how we all have a role to play ensuring we have clean local rivers and streams.”

By Hedrick Belin, President, Potomac Conservancy

“Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle” is an original story that is both captivating and informative. This profound piece highlights the tremendous importance of a clean environment in an entertaining way.

By New Ocean Blue

“By Creating a whole world around a seemingly innocuous piece of litter, chambers demonstrates the severity of the issue of plastic pollution for a generation who will inherent this problem. Fortunately, Chambers provides hope and guidance for the next generation.”

By 5 Gyres Institute

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